How I Went From Constantly Wearing Compression Socks To Reducing My Lymphedema Swelling With This Alternative Solution

Written by Dr.Marcus - Published on Dec 16, 2023

My doctor told me on more than one occasion that there was nothing he could do to cure my lymphedema.

He just kept prescribing me a medication, exercise, and different types of compression garments and pretty much told me that I should get used to living with them on constantly.

I couldn’t believe that in today’s day and age - with all the technological advancements - there’s no way to reduce the swelling in my legs and feet

So I decided to look for an alternative solution on my own.

And before long, I found a Doctor who seemed to have the answer.

I decided to pay for an online consultation with him and, after a quick small talk, he went on to explain the real root cause of my lymphedema.

The first words that came out of his mouth made me freeze in fear

“Your Lymphatic System Is Damaged"

As you can see on this diagram, your lymphatic system runs throughout your entire body. Now, we all know the importance of healthy circulation. But did you know the lymphatic system plays an even more vital role for our overall health and well being when functioning correctly? 

It's responsible for maintaining healthy fluid levels, absorbing and processing dietary fluids while also regulating the body's immune response to protect the body from harmful microorganisms and toxins that enter the body. 

It consists of a large network of lymphatic vessels, nodes and organs. Now imagine that every single day when we sit for prolonged periods that our lymphatic system slows and blockages begin to occur just like a muscle. 

If we don't activate the lymphatic system regularly, with exercise, it weakens over time and eventually becomes inactive. When this happens, the fluid and toxins that would normally be flushed out, begin to build up, creating pressure and just like a balloon that pressure has nowhere to go.

So the legs start to expand, making them feel heavy, swollen and painful as the toxins build up, the legs become inflamed and the joints, muscles and ligaments start to feel the effect.

In other words… Your lymphatic system is blocked from lack of activation which is causing the fluid and toxins that would normally flush out, to be to built up in your legs and arms. 

Compression Socks Are Such A Burden!

Your doctor has probably prescribed you compression garments for your lymphedema - but there is a better way.

Why? Because compression garments are tough to put on and take off. They often need to be worn all day, which can cause skin irritation and cut off circulation.

As the Doctor explained.

Using compression garments is like painting over rust on a car: it manages the symptoms, like swelling and discomfort, but doesn't fix the underlying lymphatic system dysfunction. 

Just as rust continues under the paint, lymphedema persists beneath the garments. 

Sole reliance on garments, without other treatments like manual lymph drainage or exercise, is like ignoring a car's worsening rust. They're helpful but not a complete solution for lymphedema's root cause.

You are just turning a blind eye to the real underlying problem.

Address Your Lymphatic Blockage
Before It's Too Late

Prolonged lymphatic fluid accumulation leads to the thickening of soft tissues

…This is called fibrosis, and once it has set in, treatment becomes more complex and often requires surgery.

So if your legs aren't completely thick and harden, it means that lymphatic system isn't completely shut off.

Why is this important?

Because the Doctor said

“As fibrosis progresses, it further impairs lymphatic flow. The already compromised lymphatic system struggles to move lymph fluid effectively through the stiffened tissues, making fluid reduction more challenging.”

So as long as your legs are completely hardened, there’s a chance that you can reverse the leg swelling and relieve the symptoms of lymphedema.

Finally, The Doctor Told Me That There's ONE Way to Reverse Lymphedema

…And that is to increase lymphatic drainage in the legs.

It’s safe to assume that if you can increase lymphatic drainage in your legs. The  fluid and toxins that are building up would be flushed out.

…You can significantly reduce leg swelling and symptoms of lymphedema.

But how do you do it?

Traditional medicine would suggest that the way to increase circulation is to move around more through exercise.

However, moving is the last thing we want to do when are legs feel heavy and in pain.

So… What’s the solution?

I asked the Doctor the same question.

And that’s the first time I heard these words:

Lymphatic Drainage Stimulation Technology.

This Technology Eliminates Leg Swelling and Can Alleviate Lymphedema Pain
The Doctor partnered up with a med tech startup Recoverbody to create a simple at-home massager that uses Neuromuscular massage technology to treat leg swelling and pain.
It’s called the Recoverbody Leg Massager.
This massager sends a unique combination sequential massage, targeted compression and relaxing temperature therapy that penetrates deep into the tissue of legs to help kickstart lymphatic drainage…

…Which in turn allows healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage just like if you were actively exercising two times a day just what your legs need in order to recover.

This means that the fluid and toxins buildup in your legs and feet causing swelling can finally start to dissipate,  repair, and heal, reducing the swelling, pain, heaviness, and numbness…

And allowing you to get back to the things you love again, without constant leg pain and swelling trapping you in your own body.
It's Not an Overstatement to Say that Recoverbody Leg Massager Saved My Life
After just a couple of weeks of using the Recoverbody Leg Massager, my lymphedema swelling and pain was improving and the legs began to slim down.

I couldn't believe it. After years of suffering, I finally found relief.

Fast forward to today, I can walk with less pain, stand for as long as I want, and I don't feel embar going out with shorts on letting my legs breathe.

It feels like I got a new lease on life.

And I can't wait to make up for all the time I lost.
Here's How It Works
The best part about the Recoverbody Leg Massager is that it’s so simple to use.

First, there are no annoying cords - You just charge it with the electricity plug and cable that arrives together with your order.

The second step is optional, but it’s recommended that you stretch your legs.

This significantly boosts the effectiveness of the massage treatment.

And then wrap the leg massager around your legs, select the mode and the intensity level of the massage… And that’s it!

Just sit back comfortably while the massager eases the swelling, relieves the pain, and frees you from the chains of lymphedema.
Thousands of People Were Able to Reverse Lymphedema With This Device
If you check out Recoverbody's Website you will find thousands of reviews from people just like you who were able to reverse lymphedema swelling:
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The Doctor and Recoverbody believe in their product so much, they don’t want you to spend a dime until you are 100% certain that it works for you.

That’s why they are offering a 60-day, stress-free guarantee.

Simply, get the Recoverbody Leg Massager today… Use it for 60 days… And then make your decision based on the results.

If it somehow doesn’t work for you and you don’t experience any relief, they will issue you an immediate refund.

In other words, you are only paying if it turns out to be a complete lifesaver.

And from my experience, I can almost guarantee that it will.
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