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Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis? This Device Helps Alleviate Stabbing Pain On The Bottom of Your Feet in Just 15 Minutes a Day*

Without Addictive Painkillers or Expensive Podiatrist Visits

  • ​Relieves Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain

  • Improves Blood Circulation and Relaxes Damaged Plantar Fascia

  • Powered by Neuromuscular Shiatsu Stimulation Technology

  • ​Your Own In-Home Podiatrists (Money Back in Your Pocket)

 *For optimal results, we recommend that you use the device for 15 minutes a day

Note: Not Available on Amazon or eBay

Thousands of Real Satisfied Customers


If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the results, we don’t want your money. No hassles, no questions asked.


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Recoverbody Foot Massagers are made of high quality materials. Enjoy consistent, trouble-free. performance for a long time.

The Real Root Cause of Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain

The Real Root Cause of Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain

Turns out that plantar fascia - the tissue along the bottom our your feet that connects to your heel bone - can become strained and damaged, causing pain whenever pressure is applied.

This often occurs during the first steps in the morning, after long periods of rest, prolonged standing or activity, and while climbing stairs or standing on toes

Over time, this repetitive stress can cause microscopic damage and inflammation, leading to pain, and standing for long periods reduces blood flow to the area, exacerbating the discomfort.

Introducing: NeuroMuscular Shiatsu Stimulation Technology

Introducing: NeuroMuscular Shiatsu Stimulation Technology

We created a simple at-home massager that uses NeuroMuscular Shiatsu Stimulation technology to treat the real root cause of plantar fasciitis foot pain. It’s called the Recoverbody Foot Massager.

It uses a unique combination of targeted kneading massage and air compression to massage deep into the tissue of feet to help relax and stretch the tissue along the bottom of your feets

This means that the tissues in your feet can finally start to repair and heal, reducing the sharp, stabbing pain along the bottom of your feet and the heel, and allowing you to get back to the things you love again, without constant foot pain and swelling trapping you in your own body.

How the Recoverbody Foot Massager Works

How the Recoverbody Foot Massager Works

The best part about Recoverbody Foot Massager is that it’s so simple to use - all you need to do is put your feet in the massager and select the mode and the intensity of the massage.

For best results, we recommend that you use it for at least 15 minutes a day. This way, it can improve circulation in the entire lower legs and allow your feet to receive enough oxygen-rich blood.

The massager offers multiple massage modes, air compression, vibration, and heat therapy, so you will always find something that works for you. And the remote control will ensure that using the foot massager is accessible from a  comfortable position.

Just Imagine Waking Up and Feeling… Nothing

Just Imagine Waking Up and Feeling… Nothing

Seriously, imagine finally waking up without that crippling pain holding you hostage in your own body.

By using Recoverbody Foot Massager daily, you are giving your feet a chance to start recovering and healing.

This can lead to reduced pain, tingling, numbness, and swelling, allowing you to get back to all your favorite activities and enjoy your life again.

Try It for 60 Days, 100% Risk-Free

Try It for 60 Days, 100% Risk-Free

Here’s the deal: We believe in this product so much that we don’t want you to spend a dime until you are 100% certain that it works for you.

That’s why we are offering a 60-day “Results or Refund” guarantee.

Simply, get the Recoverbody Foot Massager today, use it for 60 days, and then make your decision based on the results. If you are not absolutely thrilled with the results, we will issue you an immediate refund.

In other words, you are only paying if it turns out to be a complete lifesaver.

Professionally Designed & Recommended

Professionally Designed & Recommended

Podiatrists and massage therapists aren’t always in arms reach and can be very expensive.

The Recoverbody Foot Massager uses clinically proven methods, recommended by leading podiatrists, as an effective way to get pain relief when you need it most.

For less than 1/3 of the cost of monthly therapist treatments, you can get results that last a lifetime.

Note: Not Available on Amazon or eBay

What Makes The Recoverbody Foot Massager So Special?

Foot Massager vs TENS vs Medications:

Stop Pain at the Source

Foot Massager

TENS & Medications

Lasting pain relief & eliminate sharp foot and heel pain

One time purchase

Side-effects & addiction

Restores balance

Maximum daily dose

Improves mobility for long periods

Clinical Proof

Effectiveness of Massage Including Proximal Trigger Point Release for Plantar Fasciitis: a Case Report

Neuromuscular shiatsu stimulation has been proven to increase blood circulation in the feet and legs during use, which may help to relieve symptoms such as sharp heel pain, tingling, pain, heaviness, cramps, and tiredness. When massage therapy is applied to the plantar surface of the feet it indirectly induces contraction of the calf muscle, activating the musculo-venous pump and thus improving circulation.

Lydia Juchli, RMT†, Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8133876/

All-inclusive treatment kit

  • Foot massager with clinically proven therapies to eliminate plantar fasciitis pain: Shiatsu Massage, Vibration, and Targeted Heat Therapy.

  • ​Remote Control: To toggle different massage modes, timer, vibration, and heat.

  • ​User Guide - Helps you set up your foot massager in a few simple steps that takes no more than 3 minutes to setup!

  • ​Washable foot sleeves for the foot massager

  • ​E-Book on 10 additional remedies to relieve foot pain (worth 19.99 USD - FREE GIFT)

How To Use


Unbox and take out the foot massager, remote, and user guide.


Set the foot massager down on the floor and plug it in


Put the your feet inside the Recoverbody Foot Massager for 15 minutes, and enjoy the pain relief.

Everyone Loves The Recoverbody™

Foot Massager!

Susan T.

This massager is simple to use and works. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and this massager was a relief after a long day on my feet. Heat and pressure control are effective. Do not use more than 30 min on high setting...I did and my feet/calves were sore next day. Love that you can remove socks from machine to wash :) Recommend.

Jason H.

No, it's not a miracle machine, but once I added this foot massager into my treatment plan for plantar fasciitis, it's making a pretty big difference.

After workouts, my plantar fasciitis is normally killing me, 30-minutes in this thing takes the pain away... The initial few minutes hurt a bit, but it hurts so good. Finally can wake up relatively pain free, getting better every day

Jennifer N.

Bought this for my GF as she is always complaining about her aching feet. She has plantar fasciitis and her feet always hurt, especially when she gets out of bed or after sitting on the couch for awhile. After a few days there is no more pain. She no longer winces or walks on her tippy toes when she gets up. Wish I would of bought this sooner as we spent money on orthotics. Highly recommend

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Note: Not Available on Amazon or eBay

60-Day Results or Refund Guarantee

Try it RISK-FREE for 60 days. If you don't get the results you want in 90 days or less - we don't want your money! We are confident that our products work and encourage you to try them and experience the full benefits of Recoverbody. If you are not satisfied and wish to return the products, you can do so within our 60-day money back guarantee.

Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to be aware of the absolute ZERO risks in buying something from us and trying it out. If you don't like it, no hard feelings, we'll make it right.

We have 24/7/365 Online Email Support. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

Thousands of Customers Use  The Recoverbody™

Foot Massager!

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Will the Recoverbody Foot Massager work for my Pain?

Foot pain is complex. However, the Recoverbody Foot Massager is unique as it works for the majority of people because it eliminates foot pain, increases blood flow, alleviates swollen feet ankles and legs and restores the health of your feet.

How long until I see relief in my Foot pain?

Instantly! Our Recoverbody Foot Massager will provide instant relief from painful feet and stiff, swollen ankles the first time you use it. With consistent use over a two week period you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.

How long should I use it for?

We recommend starting with two 5 minute periods a day and building up towards a continuous 15 minute session.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Our device comes with a 60 Day Risk Free Guarantee. We're incredibly confident that you'll get relief from your pain with our device, but if you don't, please contact support@getrecoverbody.com within 60 days of receiving the product.

What size does the massager fit?

Up to Men's size 12


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